Database Solution from a whole new perspective.

Engineered the way you run your business. In a nutshell, we are capable to create ERP from scratch to match your business model. This service give you unmatch flexibility to develop your own IT solution.

Complete Solution

Our database solution covers the following common function that suitable for manufacturing sector:

  • Budgeting (Capital Expenditure, Costing, Forecasting)
  • Finance & Accounting (Fixed asset, cash management, payables, receivables)
  • Human Capital (Employee Detail, Payroll, Recruiting, Evaluation/ Performance Index, Training & Benefit)
  • Contact (Customer, Supplier)
  • Sales and Marketing (Order, Packing List, Product Sample, Customer Tracking Record, Commissions, Service)
  • Manufacturing (Production Schedule, Lot Number, Traceability Schema, Bill of Materials, Work Orders, QC Report and Checking Point, Maintenance Schedule)
  • Supply Chain (Inventory, Purchase Request & Order, Supplier & Sub Contractor Performance, Logistic Control Room, Pull System)
  • Record Management (Internal & External Document Control, Distribution, Approval and Lock-Down)

Manufacture KNOW-HOW

As each manufacturer's solution provides a slightly different structure and content accessibility, lack of specialized knowledge will create larger gaps and further opportunity for failure.

Our team is having extensive experience in manufacturing company, in wide-range area from PPIC to Sales. This will guarantee our database implementation is lean & fit.


As part of solution-stack philosophy, we also help our client with certification process while implementing Database Solution, listed bellow to name a few we had done.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14000
  • ISO 22000
  • OHSAS 18000
  • SNI
  • Halal Assurance System
  • Organic Management Plan
  • Kosher
  • Government Regulations in Food (BPOM, FDA, EU and Japan)


We use web browser as end-user interface, this will give our customer unmatched capabilities in user experience.

Well designed, suits for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

No Lock

Portability and protection against being locked by any vendors. We only use open standards and open sources technologies.

Open standards and open source give us the means to talk to one another whatever applications, operating systems or computer language we use.

Personalized Development

Unlike common Database Solutions that need a bunch of master data/BOM (bill of materials) before it can run, we build Timesmark Raihan with less configuration and work as separate module that can run individually as single application.

It follows as you go, agile development gives users and our developers confidence that the application reflects the users' needs and wants; by tackling one thing at a time, we can make one thing work -- and get feedback on it -- before going on to the next; if something big comes up in one iteration, you can address it before it turns into overly-complicated.